Phenomenal midcentury modern for $150!


The Palos Verdes Art Center has just announced the grand prize for its annual Dream House raffle, and it’s a real knockout: Pasadena’s Kelsey House. Designed by acclaimed architects Thornton Ladd and John Kelsey in 1962 for Kelsey and his family, the three bedroom, three and a half bath residence has been described as a “modernist Roman villa.” Built on a woodsy, .63-acre lot above the Annandale Golf Club, the home wraps around a pool open to the sky and features floor to ceiling glass, a formal dining room paneled in bleached teak, terrazzo and concrete slab floors, and a guest house with full bath and separate entrance.

If at least 55,000 tickets—which cost $150 apiece or three for $400—are sold by the April 26 deadline, the grand prize winner will be offered his or her choice of the 2019 Dream House; a 20-year annuity of $5 million payable in 240 monthly installments; or a one-time cash payment of $3.5 million. To date, there have been seven winners qualified to take the grand prize, with just two of them opting for the house. In conjunction with this year’s fundraiser, the art center is also launching a new exhibit on the architectural partners, who emerged from the influential California Modernist movement pioneered at USC in the post-WWII era.

Curated by Kevin Lane of Placewares Projects, Ladd & Kelsey: Noble Places will showcase period photos of the firm’s projects taken by Julius Shulman, Ezra Stoller, and Wayne Thom, as well as ephemera such as vintage design magazines and movie posters for films featuring the architects’ visually striking work, which includes the Norton Simon Museum and the master plan of the CalArts campus. 

Originally posted by Curbed. Photos by Lance Gerber, courtesy of Palos Verdes Art Center






Annual Book Drive

If you’re a book lover like me, you hate the thought of a good book going to waste. That’s why I’ve partnered up with The Last Bookstore (if you haven’t visited, you must drop everything now and head Downtown!), to start an annual neighborhood book drive. Re-Book It, is a free community service which ensures that no books end up in landfills, while providing books and raising funds for local libraries, charities, hospitals and schools.
It also helps to preserve The Last Bookstore, one of the few remaining independent bookstores in town. Aside from the overwhelming and exciting displays of books The Last Bookstores has some incredible events in constant rotation. Check them out and support!
Please call my office and we will be happy to pick up your gently-used books, CDs, DVDs, Audio Books & LP records.
To learn more please visit
What are you reading that you love? I just picked up (AGAIN) ‘The Life changing Magic of Tidying Up’, by Marie Kondo. I love a good clean out & her approach is refreshing, questioning what truly brings us joy in our surroundings & belongings.”

Hello, 2019


As we celebrate the arrival of 2019, my hope for all of you is a happy and healthy year ahead.

New Year’s resolutions to make based on science — and how to keep them. From fitness goals to resolutions focused on productivity or health, here are a few science-supported resolution ideas to help you stay on track this year. The most common New Year’s resolutions tend to be vague goals like losing weight, eating healthier food, or exercising more. But most people don’t successfully follow through on their resolutions — largely because they’re so general and non-specific. That’s where science can help. Using specific, science-backed resolutions, you can boost your chances of successfully transforming your life in the New Year. These are some of my favorite resolution ideas, all backed by recent science. Some have to do with fitness, others with diet or health, and others with boosting productivity (my current obsession). A few are simply intended to help you maximize happiness. You don’t need to attempt all at once, but pick one or two that’ll get you closest to your goals.

To help you lose weight-resolve to fix your sleeping habits!

Some research shows that getting enough sleep makes it easier to avoid cravings for unhealthy foods, keep off excess weight, and that it’s key for psychological health.In the long run, sleep could be even more important: in several studies published in the summer of 2017, researchers demonstrated that after disrupted sleep, individuals had higher levels of proteins associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia in the brain. And as sleep expert Matthew Walker, author of the book, “Why We Sleep,” previously told Business Insider, you really can’t get by on six or seven hours of sleep — the vast majority of people need an average of eight hours a night.To improve your sleep, experts recommend going to bed and getting up at the same time every night, improving your sleep environment, and avoiding screens for at least a half hour before bed, if not longer. If you’re struggling with insomnia, there are science-backed tips for that too.

Resolve to get moving, no matter what!

Exercise resolutions are common, and for good reason. Along with fixing your sleep, little else will have as transformative an effect on your life as working out. Exercise provides such a laundry list of physical and mental health benefits that it’s basically the closest thing we have to a wonder drug. Exercise can improve your heart health, up your sex drive, improve your sleep, and boost your mood. Research has also shown that working out may help keep the brain young, improve memory, and fight cognitive impairment.The trick is figuring out the targeted exercise resolution that’s going to work for you — saying you’ll just “go to the gym (more)” probably won’t cut it.

Make an early morning cardio workout a new habit!

Morning workouts aren’t for everyone, but experts say that if you can get some morning exercise that’ll get your heart going and expose you to some morning sunlight, that’ll kickstart your circadian rhythm, which will wake you up for the day and make it easier to sleep at night. Getting a good amount of cardio exercise is strongly linked to many of the biggest benefits of exercise, and some research suggests that morning is best time of day to work out to lose weight. To provide motivation to actually get out of bed and complete your morning run, swim, or ride, experts suggest working towards a goal (like a race), training with a friend, or adding in an element of competition.